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Welcome to Powering Progress
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Friday, 25 April 2008 10:54


poweringprogress.org is the website hosted by the Department of Energy Business (DEB), which is under the mantle of the Ministry of Energy and Mines. It was originally established to share information on the Lao Government’s hydropower development plan, which is an integral part of the country’s poverty reduction and development strategy. The website has subsequently included all information on the Lao power sector. The Department of Energy Business is a Lao governmental agency that took over the role of the Department of Energy Promotion and Development since 2006. Information on the Lao power sector and DEB is provided in History of hydropower in Lao PDR.



Term of Reference of DEB


Hydropower News:


2nd April 2014 - POYRY Reports.

POYRY Reports:   No. 1 Navigation Lock Design Numerical Model Test Report No. 10 A Seismic Hazard Study No. 10 B Plant Safety...
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Presentations and Papers

2nd April 2014 - Presentation Lao IPP to ACD delegation 2 April 2014

Presentation Lao IPP to ACD delegation 2 April 2014
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Hydropower in the Media

22nd May 2013 - The meeting of steering community of the 1st Num Ou 2, Num Ou 5 and Num Ou 6 Hydropower Project

The first steering committee  meeting of  Num Ou 2, Num Ou 5 and Num Ou 6 hydro power project was held on 3 May 2013, In Luangphabarng...
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Presentations and Papers

17th May 2013 - Lession learned from Lao PDR on IPP Development

Presentation papers are provided on the training course organized by International Centre for Hydropower (Norway) in association with the Independent...
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